Quoi? les Murs à pêches un des dix jardins les plus cool au monde!

The 10 coolest urban gardens in the world

Urban farms and gardens are sprouting everywhere. Now that more than half of the global population lives in cities, it makes sense: growing food where most food is eaten.

These are some of the neat urban gardening projects across the globe: some are social movements, others commercial endeavours, all inspiring:

8. Murs à pêches (Paris)

Did you know that Paris used to be a hub of the peach industry? Starting in the seventeenth century, a maze of walls and plots formed a mediterranean-like microclimate in the Montreuil neighbourhood that produced tons of fruit for the Parisian aristocracy. Now the Murs à Pêchesassociation (translated as “Walls of Peaches”) is working to revive the abandoned orchards to restore them as a urban garden and a cultural space.

Cela ne compte pas. c’est notre grande-mère américaine qui tient le site : Ici


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